“Djibouti: Dare to Dream” FM17 I

Been thinking of starting a blog for awhile, yet put it off for ages with Exams and whatnot going on, and i have been trying to work on my English and writing skills because, lets just say they aren’t some of my best attributes!

Anyhow before we get into this firstly i would like to draw your immediate attention to a Youtube channel i have watched extensively over the years and also the creator of the database i will be using in the following save. Curtis but better known to his fans as ‘Cutzy’ is a dedicated Fifa Youtuber with the occasional FM video here and there. Many thanks to him and some of his subscribers for making this Database and Graphics pack, His links can be found below:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/cutzy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CutzyGaming

Prelude over lets get into the business.

Day Forest: Djibouti Division 2

Well, to start off i may have been an idiot and already played the first season so ill just provide a brief overview of what happened. Season 2 will entail a lot more detail i promise!

Club Information

I don’t know what you would have expected from a third tier Djiboutian (is that the correct term?) side, but personally i knew it was gonna be a difficult start.

Club Details

Starting in the third tier we were handed with poor Youth and Training facilities and only a National reputation, which im sure wont improve much in years to come given the quality (or lack thereof) of football in the East African country.

Drawing positives from this though, our facilities are all built in 2016 so we have a nice new stadium to play in, so mole hills wont be an issue (although i don’t think there are moles in Africa, i may be wrong though) It also has a healthy capacity of 5,000 meaning if we can fill it out we have a great source of income from the getgo!

Additionally we have a healthy £400k in the bank at the end of Season 1 (sorry again!) so debt shouldn’t come calling for a while, or ever hopefully!

I would also like to mention the high quality kits and badge we have been provided with, made my Cutzy and some of his followers to, so massive shoutout to those who constructed them!

The Squad

Its changed quite alot this season so i guess highlighting who we have ended with is all i can do the best idea as it is who we’ll be seeing next season!


There’s not a whole bunch to say about them at this stage, they’re all newgens from Djibouti so none of them are filled to the brim with technical prowess and they are all signed on non contract deals meaning we can lose them at any time, so i guess its best not to get to attached to these guys.

Results and League Table

Poor form in the opening games of the season but we really picked it up in the middle!
Mixed bag at the end, really, and the dropped points really cost us as you’ll see.
So we finished 2nd which over 40 games, isnt too bad, but alot of dropped points where we really should have won, stole first place from us!

Well all in all the first season was a success, we achieved promotion to the Djibouti Division Two which should slightly boost our reputation, being a Semi-Professional club is the main problem at the moment, as our best players get poached very fast, and with even the best teams in the country not being Professional, i feel rather pessimistic about the next few seasons, but onwards and upwards!

Thanks for reading!

That will conclude the first part of my DTD: Djibouti blog, be sure to offer feedback to me on my twitter and be sure to check around for the second installment, its been great fun writing this so i hope you stay tuned!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackwilliamshd


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